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What I can Do For You?

I have a decade of experience in research and analysis, business development, digital branding, and web management. You can also engage me in facilitator or keynote speaker roles. My rates range from $100 to $10,000 depending on your ask. Please book a coffee, lunch or dinner meeting below to discuss further.

From data (statistical) analysis to paper review.

Money-making ideas to practical business models.

Leave your mark. Be remembered. Be memorable.

Become discoverable on the web with a simple search

Driving the conversation in the directions you need.

Storytelling and audience engagement for impact.

Need asssistance bringing your idea to life?

Pick My Brain

You need my knowledge / labour, and I need to eat. Book an in-person / virtual meeting with me. The cost of the meal is on you. My fee must be paid separately, prior to the meet.

A 30 minute meeting with me over coffee with me to discuss your idea.

A 1 hour meeting with me over lunch to discuss your idea and get recommendations.

A 2 hour meeting with me over dinner to discuss your idea, get recommendations and strategise.

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