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Malawian Youth in Trade & Industry

Malawi 2063 NPC Panel: A Conversation with Policy Makers

Malawian Young Entrepreneurs

Nthanda led young Malawian entrepreneurs in a conversation with policy makers in the Malawi Government, discussing how the youth-centric MIP-1 and the Malawi 2063 strategic plan can be better implemented to be address challenges faced by the youth.
The National Planning Commission, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and UNICEF Malawi on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 held a panel discussion on opportunities and challenges in trade and industry in support of the implementation of the Malawi 2063 (MW2063) national vision whose main aim is wealth creation through industrialisation.
The panel discussion, held under the topic ‘Youth in Trade and Industry: Opportunities and Challenges’, took place at the Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, with panellists comprising several renowned young entrepreneurs and senior officials from the ministries of Industry and Trade.It was moderated by Nthanda Manduwi – owner of Bien Corporation Africa, with panellists including Kombeza Foods proprietor Dingase Teweta, Walla Limited chief executive officer Priscilla Sani-Chimwele and Honey Products managing director Mathews Dunga.
Some of the opportunities highlighted by the entrepreneurs included looking at challenges facing the country as business opportunities, readily available resources like internet and the mushrooming of business incubation hubs supporting start-up entrepreneurs and innovations among the youth.
“Young people need a mindset change shift to, among other things, start looking at the various challenges facing the country as business opportunities,” said Chimwele. On the other hand, the youth outlined some challenges, including low access to capital, hostile business environment, lack of policy incentives targeting young entrepreneurs, unwillingness among some big retailers and wholesalers to stock local products and skills gap amongst many youth.
“This year 2022 is for action. We have to be practical by making sure that what is discussed in forums like these translate into action on the ground, both among the youth and policy makers,” said Munthali.

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