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With over 9 years of professional experience, Nthanda Manduwi is a Digital Creative, Social Scientist, and Development Professional.


Information collection, analysis, & dissemination.

Nthanda has 5 years of experience in Research and Data Analysis. Her academic background is in Digital Media (Information Management Systems), Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Economics, Demography, SRHR, and Women’s Empowerment. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, double-majoring in Economics and Demography, specialising in the socio-economic impacts of women’s empowerment. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in entrepreneurship, specialising in modelling Digital Information Management Systems as effective education and information (media) management systems for developing nations.

Researches & Papers

  • The Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Modelling Digital Information Systems for developing nations (2022)
  • The Gender Earnings Disparities by Occupation in Malawi (2016)
  • The influence of Women’s Empowerment on Unmet Need for Family Planning in Malawi (2016)


Media Management, Marketing, & Communications.

While pursuing her undergraduate studies in 2013, Nthanda noted a gap in the digitisation of Malawi, and established what is now one of the fastest growing business development & digital solutions agencies in Malawi – Bien Corporation Africa. Nthanda has 8 years of experience working with 50+ brands in Southern Africa helping them digitise. She founded Digi Savvy Online Learning platform in 2019, bringing digital skills to people in some of the most remote areas in Malawi.

Engagements & Conferences

  • Global Media Scholar, International Conference on Family Planning (Thailand, 2022)
  • National Evaluation Capacities Conference, UNDP (Italy, 2022)
  • Educations, skills & innovation to strengthen Africa-Europe cooperation, Africa – EU Week (Brussels, 2022)
  • Youth in Trade & Industry, MW2063 Launch, NPC (Lilongwe, 2022)
  • Innovation for an inclusive Digital Economy in Malawi, UNCDF (Lilongwe, 2022)
  • Music in Africa Live, Project Lead + Media Producer & Communications Director, (Lilongwe, 2021)
  • Digital Malawi (World Bank Project – Ntha Foundation), Project Lead + Digital Media Trainer (LL + MH, 2021)
  • Youth Media Expert, Youth Media Zone, World Export Development Forum (Addis Ababa, 2019)
  • Youth Trailblazer Awardee, Media Zone, International Conference on Family Planning (Kigali, 2018)


Business Development, Branding, & Positioning.

Nthanda revels in creation, and has since 2013 set up two companies, one of which is a non-profit. The two companies co-own 10+ innovations and solutions. The businesses have created 50+ jobs during the tenure of their existence. When she is not working on her advancing her skills in entrepreneurship academically, Nthanda spends her time managing her education trust - the Ntha Foundation, helping other entrepreneurs and creatives get access to skills and resources. Under Nthanda’s leadership, the foundation has mobilised up to $270,000 in grants through the Malawi Government, the World Bank, and the Public Private Partnership Commission in the Digital Malawi Project, and Siemens Stiftung, German Foreign Office and the Goethe Institut in the Music in Africa Live project.

Innovations & Solutions

  • NMN Africa
  • Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre
  • Picky Palate
  • Bants2Business
  • Music4Malawi
  • Tailored Africa
  • Digi Savvy Africa


Creative Writing, blogging, & speaking.

A storyteller at heart, Nthanda published her first book titled “By the End of Your Teens” in 2018, sharing her story on self-development for teens aspiring to achieve greatness while staying true to their purpose. Nthanda, through her blogging and storytelling expertise has managed to grow her audience to over 200,000 followers and readers across various digital media platforms. She was awarded as the media icon of the year at the Future Women Conference, (Nigeria, 2020), and as the best speaker out of 83 people at the World Miss University (Cambodia, 2017).

Publications & Engagements

  • Digital Media in Malawi – Startup Masterclass (2022)
  • Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences Finale Dinner – GOH Speech (2021)
  • “The Essence of mentorship” – Mentor Malawi Organisation Launch Speech (2019)
  • “By The End of Your Teens” – Book (2018)
  • Is it really peace?” – Speech (2017) *Awarded as best speech out of 83 candidates*
  • Uplifting women in society” – Speech (2017)
  • Keeping girls in school” – Speech (2016)

Core Competencies

Nthanda is an internationally awarded Published Author, Blogger, Speaker, Media Icon, and Human Rights & Policy Advocate.

Nthanda has over 9 years of experience in professional writing and editing. She launched her business and lifestyle blog “By Ntha” in 2013, and has been writing since then. She has collaborated with and written for over 50 brands in the past 9 years, in Africa and beyond. She published her book “By The End of Your Teens” in  2018.


  • Research & Analysis
  • High-level writing
  • Creating storylines
  • Key messaging
  • Collecting stories
  • Editing
  • Global curation

Nthanda has over 5 years of experience in (digital and broadcast) media production. As an extension of her blog, she set-up her YouTube channel in 2016. She went on to produce a TV show called “My Malawi”, and has worked with over 20 businesses helping them document and digitise their brands.


  • Web design
  • Visual aesthetics
  • Photography + Editing
  • Filming + Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Content optimisation
  • Influencer engagement

Nthanda has over 6 years of experience in communications, working for both personal and corporate brands. Leaning on her storytelling expertise, she is skilled at communications, ranging from actual writing & media production to dissemination. She has led media & communicationss  teams across the globe.


  • Web management
  • Social media management
  • Social media analysis
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media ads
  • Community management
  • Trend awareness

Nthanda has MCd and facilitated events in Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Cambodia, South Korea, USA, Italy and Thailand. She has facilitated panel sessions across the globe. She has over 5 years of experience in corporate and development event facilitation. 

Amidst living with social anxiety, Nthanda manages to create and grow networks of creatives in various sectors in Malawi and beyond. She is passionate about sharing skills, opportunities and resources within the creative industry.

Education is Nthanda’s chosen area of “sharity”. She believes in empowering the youth through education – a sustainable “give”; and through fully-funded scholarships via Digi Savvy Africa, contributes to the closure of the (gender) digital divide in Africa.

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