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In 2013, I identified a gap and built the fastest growing digital media and business development agency in Malawi. With a network of close to 50 young people across Malawi that I manage to date, we offer digital branding, marketing and communications services and business development solutions to brands in various sectors ranging from tourism, finance, insurance, health all the way to advocacy and development. Our value proposition is that we are young, creative, and often ahead of social and digital media trends. We adapt the model of storytelling(/blogging), and use that to develop and brand businesses, helping them better tell their stories. We understand the difference between personal brands and businesses, and curate stories to suit the needs and targets of different brands in various industries.

Roles & Duties:

As managing director, my tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Design, manage and implement brand, media and marketing strategies for clients.
  • Produce, optimize, and enhance brands’ digital content for publication and further dissemination to digital channels/platforms
  • Manage clients’ digital portfolios and engagement
  • Design digital media plans for clients
    *Manage clients media production and social media tools
  • Support clients’ digital media needs

Key Achievements:

• Set up Bien Corp Africa agency in 2013 |
• Engaged over 50 brands (in my personal capacity as digital media consultant, and on behalf of my company), working with them to revamp their social media and web presence |
• Employed over 50 young people and trained them in web and social media management.
• Set up the Ntha Foundation in 2018 |
• Was awarded $250,000 by the World Bank to train young Malawians in digital media skills |
• Set up two digital media (coworking) hubs in Malawi |
• Set up a digital skills learning management system for learners to access courses online |
• Created a network of CSOs and hubs to collaborate with in upskilling the youth |

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