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Nthanda founded the Ntha Foundation in 2018, with the goal of giving young creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs a conducive space to create and innovate sustainable businesses.

Nthanda led her team to establish the Nyenyezi Fellowship, and the M’mawa Management Training Program, and was entrusted to lead the Digital Malawi project.

I established the Ntha Foundation with the goal of creating a collective of innovative and creative young people committed to creating solutions for Africa. I saw the opportunity where a lot of young people would leave undergrad, but have no sense of direction re how to break into corporate. I wanted to create a community where we could mobilise and share resources for our collective growth.

Learn more about the Ntha Foundation here.

The Nyenyezi Fellowship targets enterprising youth – giving them adequate skills to develop and manage businesses (startups) in third world countries.

The M’mawa Management Training Program targets creative and innovative young people who little to no interest in business creation and management, but wish to learn the practice of early business management.

As a progressive media organisation, and working towards contributing to the closure of the digital divide in Africa, we have over the past three years invested in digital skills trainings. We partnered with the Malawi Government with funding from the World Bank to train over 500 young people in digital and entrepreneurial skills. Under my supervision, my team developed an e-learning platform: Digi Savvy Africa, and an e-lancing platform to match the people we upskill to market – Colance Africa.


Nthanda’s specific roles included:

  • Create and coordinate training programmes.
  • Develop and implement knowledge management initiatives for project teams and partners
  • Youth and community mobilisation
  • Oversee operations of the Nyenyezi Fellowships
  • Foster meaningful partnerships

Learn more about Ntha Foundation here.

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