Family Planning News Network

Nthanda was entrusted as the first global media scholar to set the tone of the International Conference on Family Planning (#ICFP2022) Live Stage as one of the #FPNN Debut Anchors and Live Community Host.


Nthanda, through the Ntha Foundation established Bants2Business – a multi-platform networking forum that connects young global south entrepreneurs and businesses in various industries to growth opportunities.

MW 2063

Nthanda led young Malawian entrepreneurs in a conversation with policy makers in the Malawi Government, discussing how the youth-centric MIP-1 in the Malawi 2063 can be better implemented to be inclusive of the youth.

World Bank

Under Nthanda’s leadership, the Ntha Foundation was awarded a $250,000 grant by the World Bank to facilitate digital skills trainings for the youth in Malawi.


In January, 2021, Nthanda was selected as Malawi’s DTSV digital ambassador in Malawi. She joined the brand alongside musician Kell Kay.