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Under Nthanda’s leadership, the Ntha Foundation was awarded a $250,000 grant by the World Bank to facilitate digital skills trainings for the youth in Malawi.

Description of work

Under the Digital Malawi project, I am the project lead and have been in charge of the set up of two tech hubs in Malawi, and the recruitment and management of staff. I, alongside my team, created the digital skills syllabus we teach, and I have been in charge of overseeing this project. I am also in charge of the monitoring, evaluation and reporting for this project.

  • Recruitment and management of team
  • Establishment of tech hub
  • Creation of Syllabus
  • Overseeing of education programme
  • M&E + reporting

Notable Achievements

With the grant, the Ntha Foundation set up two hubs in Lilongwe in Mangochi, and have since trained 233 young people in various digital skills. 6 organisations were selected to operationalise the World Bank grant. 5 of them were already established hubs. The Ntha Foundation had not before set up a hub, and with this grant, we have set up not 1, but two hubs ( in two regions in Malawi. We have trained 184% of what we were tasked to train. This is more than all the other hubs have done. We are in the process of negotiations for a contract extension, which was recently approved by the board based on our performance.

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