The Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Malawi’s Digital Transformation | Thesis

On the 1st of July, 2024, Ms. Nthanda Manduwi successfully defended her thesis on “The Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Malawi’s Digital Transformation: Modelling Public Information Management Systems for Development.”

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This research delves into the pivotal role of digital transformation in fostering entrepreneurial opportunities and driving sustainable development in Malawi.

In her thesis, Nthanda explores the intricate dynamics of Technology, Organizational, Environmental, and Individual (TOEI) factors and their impact on the creation and uptake of digital information management systems. Her study is anchored in two primary objectives: to determine the impact of TOEI factors on the creation of digital information management tools and systems, and to establish the relationship between TOEI factors and the use of these tools in Malawi.

Key Findings and Insights

Impact of TOEI Factors on Creation of Digital Tools: Nthanda’s research reveals that TOEI factors significantly influence the development of digital information management systems in Malawi. Key findings indicate that innovativeness, cost, and competitor pressure are critical determinants in the successful creation of these tools. Her study finds that individual, technological, and environment factors are significant.

Relationship Between TOEI Factors and System Usage: The study also highlights a strong correlation between TOEI factors and the adoption and use of digital information management tools. Technogical factor Perceived Benefits is the only significant factor, implying Malawians mostly care about the perceived gain from an IMS, to adopt and use it.

Implications for Policy and Practice

Nthanda’s research provides valuable insights that can inform policy and practice in Malawi’s digital landscape. To foster a conducive environment for digital transformation, policymakers and stakeholders must address multiple facets of TOEI factors. Improving technological infrastructure, providing adequate support to organisations, and enhancing individual capacities through training and awareness programs are essential steps to drive digital innovation and adoption.

Moving Forward

As Nthanda Manduwi’s research demonstrates, the journey towards digital transformation in Malawi is multifaceted and requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders. By leveraging the insights from her study, Malawi can strategically position itself to harness the full potential of digital technologies for entrepreneurial growth and sustainable development.

Nthanda’s successful thesis defense marks a significant step forward in understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities in Malawi’s digital transformation. Her work stands as a testament to the power of research in shaping a brighter digital future for the nation.

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