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In April, 2022, Nthanda joined the UNDP – Independent Evaluation Office (New York, USA), as an Evaluation Analyst. Nthanda was selected for the UNDP Graduate Programme – which was an extremely competitive hiring process that invited applications from 38,709 young professionals from allover the world.

The UNDP’s Graduate Programme aims at:

1) furthering workforce diversity and give entry-level opportunities to talented young professionals from less privileged groups,

2) building a talent pipeline for the next gen UNDP,


3) enhancing organisational capacity in areas with current and foreseeable future gaps supporting the 2030 Agenda.

Read more about the UNDP Graduate Programme here


Nthanda’s roles as an Evaluation Analyst include, but are not limited to:

(Area 1) Supporting the organisation of the National Evaluation Capacities Conference (NEC) being organised for October, 2022.

  • Assisting the lead in the organisation of the confierence and in the development of the schedule of speakers
  • and sessions and follow-up communications.
  • Working closely with the conference team, including supporting the branding development and social media outreach of the conference
  • Applying evaluation quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis tools, techniques and approaches.

(Area 2) Supporting the development of Evaluation guidance and engagement with UNDP colleagues and capacity building activities.

  • Contributing to the drafting and design of evaluation guidance and communication materials as relevant.
  • Assisting in the production of other evaluation knowledge products drawing from IEO evaluations as required.
  • Participating in meetings, workshops and other discussion fora to establish a dialogue on evaluation results.
  • Supporting the Capacity Development section as needed

(Area 3) Promoting the evaluation function in the Organisation.

  • Assisting in the development and design of methodological guidelines for thematic/corporate evaluations, evaluation syntheses and rapid evidence assessments.
  • Assisting in the implementation of the IEO data and knowledge management strategy for corporate/thematic products.

(Area 4) Contributing to the effective deployment of human and financial resources of the Evaluation Office.

  • Assisting in the administrative monitoring of the section’s resource management (human and financial), evaluation planning and preparation of evaluation budgets for individual evaluations.

(Area 5) Participating in a cross-organisational project, contribute to the development and implementation of a solution to address challenges and harness opportunities. Demonstrate an ability to work as part of a diverse team to advance innovation and continuous improvement.




In May of 2017, Nthanda joined the UN Women Malawi office as a Monitoring, Evaluation, Coordination, and Communications Intern.


Nthanda’s roles included, but were not limited to:

  • Assisting with the design and development of tools for data collection and analysis; and Support set up of online monitoring platform to enhance data collection and management;
  • Supporting creation of the Training Tool for women aspiring for leadership positions in Local and National Assemblies in Malawi, and Support the creation and launch of the Gender Strategy for Malawi as facilitated by Malawi Electoral Commission.


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